Thursday, June 28, 2012

Compilation error in SysReportLibraryExport class

Hi Folks,

Once I have compiled the complete AX 2009 environment on the Server where AOS is installed and found that there was a compilation issue in the Class declaration of SysReportLibraryExport class but it seems to be fine with other environments.

I couldn't get any clue why this happened suddenly and atlast I tried opening AX client of this environment from the database server and compiled this class. The syntax error is gone and there are no more issues in it even though i have opend it on the application server environment.

I hope this post would help facing similar issue.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

insert_recordset doesn't take the value of TableId from the value

Hi Folks,

Today, I have observed a very strange thing in AX.

I had to do a bulk insert from some other table where I also need to copy the tableId from the other table.

I have found a strange issue i.e.,everything was getting copied except the tableId. You can try this in a job.

insert_recordset TestTable1(RefRecId, RefTableId) select recId, TableId from TestTable2;

So, the tableid from some other table cannot be used in Insert_recordSet. Atlast, I had to use RecordInsertList class to insert the bulk data.