Friday, March 30, 2012

AX 2012 and Microsoft Lync / Microsoft office Communicator

Hi folks...........

AX 2012 is simply powerful.........Microsoft Lync & Microsoft office Communicator have been integrated with AX 2012 and its pretty simple to do it............

But the Pre-requisites are AX 2012 client should be installed on your machine and you have to be logged into Microsoft Lync / Microsoft office Communicator.

  1.  Open Customer Details form ( Accounts Receivable - > Common - >Customer -> All Customers)
  2. Click on New Customer button on the top of the form.
  3. Set the record type to 'Person' and fill other mandatory fields and click on Save and Close button.

4.  Double Click the newly created customer recordon the Customer master form.
5.  Go to Contact Information - > More Options -> Advanced

6. Click on 'Add' to create new contact information of customer and fill the e-mail address(Should be accessible through OC/Lync) and mark the option 'Instant messenger sign-in'.

7. Now we can notice that the Status symbol is displayed against the customer Id and some other OC/Lync options like Add to Communicator contacts(This option appears if it hasn't been added before), Send an Instant Message, Send an E-mail Message, Call, Share etc.,

I hope this will be a useful tool and could help in promoting AX & impressing our clients. \

Try all the above steps and Happy Daxing.......

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