Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Compare Web / EP Objects using compare tool in AX 2009

Hi folks,

In Standard AX 2009, if we try to compare the web controls in between layers or with an xpo then even though there is a difference in the source code but still it gives us a message that there is no difference. So, actually it is not comparing in between the layers.

To compare the web controls/objects in AX 2009 using compare tool then we need to override "codeIsSource" method in "SysTreeNode" class.

Just copy and paste the below method by overriding the existing method in the SysTreeNode class.

static boolean codeIsSource(UtilElementType _utilElementType)
boolean ret;

switch (_utilElementType)
case UtilElementType::WebPageDef :
case UtilElementType::WebStaticFile :
//Code to make the compare tool to compare the Web objects
case UtilElementType::WebControl:
case UtilElementType::WebSourceFile:

ret = true;

return ret;

Now try to compare a modified web control using the compare tool. It will show you the difference in the source code.

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