Friday, April 23, 2010

Store and retrieve an image in a table for a record in AX

The simplest way to store an image for a record into AX tables is by using the CompanyImage Menu Item. I will explain you with an example below:

  1. Generally, most of the customers would request for a functionality to store an image for an item. For this, there is no need of high customization.
  2. Initially, Goto the Design in InventTable Form and add a Display Menu Item called CompanyLogo to its button Group.
  3. Change the label of the Menu item button in the form.
  4. Now, open the InventTable form and click on the menu item and load an image associated with a record.
  5. This image will be stored in the CompanyImage table as a BLOB in a container with the refRecId, RefTableId and RefCompanyId of the associated record(Here Record of InventTable).
  6. Retrieving it and saving to file system again is pretty easy with the help of binData Class. Here is the supporting code snippet....
bindata bin = new bindata();
str content;
container image;
InventTable inventTable;
inventTable = inventTable::find('100003');
image = companyimage::find(inventTable.dataAreaId, inventTable.TableId, inventTable.RecId).Image;
// Create the base64 encoded string
// Save it to the file system as a tif format
AifUtil::saveBase64ToFile(@"C:\test.tif", content);

Thats it done, Now you can see the image in your file system....................This can be done to store and retrieve the images for any record from any table.

Wait For more posts on encoding files in AX.

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