Monday, April 12, 2010

Common problem in Printing AX Reports as a file using Batch job scheduling through code in the Server File System

I have come across many people having a problem in printing the AX reports into the file system of server using batch job scheduling............

The main problem is in configuration.........

The solution is pretty simple and is as follows:

As AX batch job scheduling always runs on the server, the below configuration has to be followed:

(i) Enable AOS printing on the AOS server configuration (see below). Do not restart the AOS yet.

(ii) Due to a bug in the Configuration Utility, we need to manually update the corresponding value in the registry.

In this path-> HKEY-LOCAL MACHINE->SOFTWARE->MICROSOFT->DYNAMICS-5.0->Configuration->Original search for the Name

useserverprinters and set the value to “1”. After that restart the AOS.

(iii) Provide an UNC Path on the AOS computer that will used for saving the PDF Files (temp. only).

Thats it done.............

Now you can print the AX reports as a pdf, rtf,txt or any other valid format through code(x++) from batch job scheduling.


Rayson said...


We are facing the same issue here at this moment.

We've pretty much got the same setup on the configuration already, but it's still not working.

Where do we specify the UNC Path? That's the last thing we haven't filled in.


Mahesh Vats said...

will you help me i have an issue regarding printer in AX.
my query is: i want to run the report and the print directly move to specified printer on server.
the code should be hardcoded.

i am using
this code but still it selecting the default printer of client.
Pls suggest some code for it


Unknown said...


Work for me correctly must be taken into account that if there are various environments on the same server should look all the useserverprinters in the records of the regedit for each of the instances. This works for me.